Serbian representation in CoE


Committee of Ministers

- Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic represents Serbia in the Committee of Ministers.
-  Ambassador Dragana FILIPOVIC has been the Permanent Representative of Serbia to the Council of Europe since spring 2009.

Parliamentary Assembly

Serbia is represented in the Parliamentary Assembly by a delegation of 7 members and 7 substitutes.
- Dragoljub Micunovic (SOC) is the head of the Serbian delegation.

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

Serbia is reprensented in the Congress by a delegation of 7 representatives and 7 subsitutes.
-  Zeljko OZEGOVIC (SOC), Novi Beograd, is the head of the delegation.

Human Rights

Serbia ratified the European Convention on Human Rights on 3 March 2004.
-  The judge for Serbia to the European Court of Human Rights is Dragoljub POPOVIĆ.

Member of the Venice Commission: 

Mr Vojin DIMITRIJEVIC (deceased)

Mr Vladimir Djeric (substitute member)