Council of Europe Congress to observe local and provincial elections in Serbia


Strasbourg , 06.05.2008 – The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe will observe the local elections in Serbia and the assembly elections in its autonomous province of Vojvodina on Sunday 11 May. The Congress delegation will be headed by Mr Paolo Rondelli (San Marino, SOC). It will include three members of the European Union’s Committee of the Regions. As a part of the cooperation between the two institutions, the Committee of the Regions regularly participates in election observation at the local and regional level.

Prior to election day, the delegation will meet with the Mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Alimpic, the President of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, Zeljko Ozegovic, the President of the Electoral Commission Sonja Brkic, as well as candidates standing for election, the media and NGOs monitoring the election campaign.

This observation will be carried out as part of a larger Council of Europe election observation action, which also includes the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, for the parliamentary elections that take place at the same time.

A Council of Europe press conference will present its findings on 12 May at 12h00 in the Media Centre, Belgrade. This press conference will be divided into two parts. In the first part the Parliamentary Assembly will deliver its preliminary conclusions regarding the parliamentary elections, followed by a second part by the Congress delegation on the local elections and the provincial elections in Vojvodina.

Members of the delegation:
- Mr Paolo Rondelli, Congress (San Marino, SOC) – Head of delegation
- Ms Susan Bolam, Congress (United Kingdom, EPP/CD) - Rapporteur

- Mr Joseph Borg , Congress (Malta, EPP/CD)
- Mr William Carey, Congress (Ireland, EPP/CD)
- Mr Joe Conway , Congress (Ireland, ILDG)
- Mr Pierre Corneloup, Congress (France, EPP/CD)
- Ms Pauline Dee, Congress (United Kingdom, ILDG)
- Mr Mikhel Juhkami, Congress (Estonia, EPP/CD)
- Mr Ott Kasuri, Congress (Estonia, ILDG)
- Mr Hannu Kemppainen , Congress (Finland, ILDG)
- Mr Mehboob Khan , Congress (United Kingdom, SOC)
- Mr Jüri Landberg, Congress (Estonia, ILDG,)
- Mr David Lloyd-Williams, Congress (United Kingdom, ILDG)
- Mr Giorgi Masalkini, Congress (Georgia, ILDG)
- Mr Nigel Mermagen, Congress (United Kingdom, ILDG)
- Mrs Véronique Moreira, Congress (France, NR)
- Michael Neureiter, Congress (Austria)
- Mr Fabio Pellegrini, Congress (Italy, SOC)
- Ms Dominique Ronga , Congress (France, SOC)
- Mr Joachim Smyla, Congress (Poland, EPP/CD)
- Mr Georg Spartanski, Congress (Bulgaria, EPP/CD)
- Mr Keith Whitmore, Congress (United Kingdom, ILDG)
- Mr Vaïno Hallikmägi, CoR (Estonia, ALDE)
- Ms Ursula Männle, CoR (Germany, EPP)
- Mr Patrick Charles Mc Gowan , CoR (Ireland, UEN-EA)

Congress Secretariat
- Mrs Antonella Cagnolati
, Director
- Mr Fredrik Holm , Head of the Co-ordination and Management Division, Co-ordination of election observation
- Ms Gönül Koçak, Secretariat
- Mr Kimmo Collander, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Finance (Finland) (Expert)

Press contacts:
Lucrezia Titi
, Communication Unit, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe
Tel. +33 (0)3 88 41 32 81 ; Fax+33 (0)3 88 41 27 51 ; ;
Dennis Abbott, Communication, Press and Protocol Directorate, EU Committee of the Regions
Tel. +32(0)2 282 20 99 ; Fax +32(0)2 282 20 85 ; ;
Council of Europe Office in Belgrade, Tel. +381 11 30 88 411; ;